Centre for Hindi Learning (CHL) serves this industry since 2008 dedicated to provide language and cultural awareness amongst Indians and Non-Indians living in Singapore and for International students and professionals.

Hindi Learning Courses

CHL prides itself in helping and shaping the students achieve their maximum potential.

We provide Hindi learning courses for both private and corporate clients covering various levels including

Timings : 3 hours per day 9:30am to 12:30 noon


Student Profile

A beginner student can understand and use familiar every day expressions and very basic phrases Introduce themselves and can ask and answer questions about personal details Communicate in a simple way if the other person speaks slowly and clearly.

What you will learn

Basic greetings, verbs, basic vocabulary, basic grammar, simple tenses, telling the time, family talking about food and more.

You will be able to

Exchange basic information, use Hindi Phrases, become a more confident Hindi speaker.


Student Profile

An Elementary Hindi student can understand sentences and expressions related to common area (e.g. basic personal information, shopping, food can communicate using simple and direct language on familiar subjects)

Can describe her background their surroundings and immediate needs.

What you will learn

Greetings, questions, elementary vocabulary frequency expressions, weather and seasons, adjectives, basic present perfect and more.

You will be able to

Exchange basic information, use simple tenses talk about the past, and speak using the present perfect.

Pre – Intermediate

Student Profile

A Pre- Intermediate student can use limited Hindi in social settings while making fewer mistakes Can communicate and understand subjects relating to their own daily lives (work, school, free time) Can deal with most situations involving day to day life in Hindi.

What you will learn

Describing people and places, the perfect tenses, providing news and information, making comparisons, describing processes and more.

You will be able to

Have a basic conversations with native speakers or other learns from different countries have a command of the day to day Hindi.


Student Profile

An intermediate student is able to understand the main points of familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school and free time.

Can deal with most situations likely to arise while travelling in an area where the language is spoken.

Can produce connected text on topics which are of personal interest.

Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

What you will learn

Expressing opinions, culture and language, reported speech, conditional sentences, discussing hypothetical problems, and more.

You will be able to

Confidently handle most social situations, succeed in everyday language scenarios, and enhance your Hindi fluency.

Upper – Intermediate

Student Profile

An upper- intermediate student can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics.

Can interact with fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers comfortable.

Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on current events.

What you will learn

Relative clauses, Perfect continuous tenses, expressing opinions and points of view, debating and discussing.

You will be able to

Have fluent conversations with native speakers.


Student Profile

An Advanced students can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognise implicit meaning.

Can express themselves fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions.

Can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes .

Can produce clear, well- structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing a controlled use of organisational patterns.

What you will learn

Ways to improve your Hindi fluency, Hindi idioms and complex phrases, skills necessary to succeed on external test.

You will be able to

Handle social situations with fluency and confidence, understand fast speaking Native speakers.

Our vision is to educate and empower our students with their ultimate goal in mind whether it be fluency in Hindi or basic proficiency. We are successful in achieving this by providing highly
customized training programs.


School Study Materials on sale

CHL, in its mission to support your kids at all levels to excel in their studies wishes to provide assistance to your school going kids with study materials. CHL sells study materials inclined to the syllabus that the child is learning.

Worksheets of all schools
  • icon image NPS
  • icon image DPS
  • icon image GIIS local schools
  • icon image Yuva Bharati school
  • icon image Local national schools

CHL also sells Model Papers from K1 to A Level. Material cost would be $15 for k1 to p5 and $ 30 for p6 to A levels.

Online Video Conference Class (One to One)

This online class is for those who have time constrain and unable to travel. Also for overseas students or adults who wants coaching in the Hindi language. Conversant Hindi, school syllabus and intensive coaching for professionals are conducted.

Phonetics and Phonics Introductory Course

This course aims to help students figure out words by sounding them out like c-a-t, d-o-g using phonics. In understanding how to decode words, one will have a better understanding of sounds are made by letters and letter combinations. This will help students become better speakers.

Benefits and Learning Topics
  • icon image Recognize all letters of the alphabet and know the sounds they make.
  • icon image Understand how changing a letter in a word changes the sound and meaning.
  • icon image Sound out letter combinations (th, st, cl, and so on).
  • icon image Read simple words with short and long vowels.
  • icon image Suitable for all ages to improve speech and pronounciation.
  • icon image Classes will be broken up into adult and kids class upon confirmation for more effective learning.
Theme and play concept for children as young as 3 years old
  • icon image Speech and drama.
  • icon image Speech and pronunciation

Corporate Training Programs

Our training programs enable our corporate clients to gain competitive advantage in the international business world by raising cultural awareness. Centre for Hindi learning's cultural training programs are customized to provide international managers and expatriates families with necessary knowledge, tools and strategies to effectively adopt and function in the diverse cultural environment.

Centre for Hindi learning's programs are developed and delivered by highly recognized international business experts.

Executive / Adult Language Course

Learn from highly-trained, specialised native speaking language teachers in their respective language courses. The Executive/Adult Courses may be taken in part time or full time depending on your schedule.

Reasons to enrol in this course

Speaking two or more language has quite a wide scale of benefits. We are giving you five compelling reasons why you should get yourself started on learning a new language now.

  • icon image Learning a new language enhances executive function, which is the ability to focus on information needed to complete a task. Executive functioning teaches you to keep a goal in mind and ignore other information that might distract you from that goal.
  • icon image Studies have shown that bilinguals do better at multitasking.
  • icon image Learning a new language allows you to think flexibly and more sensitively.
  • icon image Learning a new language provides access, connection and exposure to various cultures all over the world, equipping you with the ability to enjoy the treasure of literature, folk stories and poetry from various cultures. Hence, you get an open mind.
  • icon image Multilingualism sets you at an advantageous position in terms of employment and career opportunities. It gives you a choice of jobs in various fields. Oftentimes, large successful companies prefer people who speak different languages in jobs related to retail sector, tourism, transport, secretarial work, administration, public relations, sales and marketing, banking and accountancy, translation and teaching.

Translation Services

CHL delivers high quality translation services in Hindi to English for government, legal, medical, migration purposes. Our translation services will meet and exceed your expectations accomplished with qualified experts and extensive foreign language resources.

CHL translators and interpreters abide by the Translators' Professional Code of Ethics set by professional translator associations around the world. All our translators, interpreters and staff have signed non-disclosure agreements and we have strict procedures of control to ensure that information stays within the tasked personnel and client. CHL is also willing to sign an NDA with our clients whenever necessary.

Our Translation Department works with 3 goals namely
  • To infuse high quality work into all projects
  • To provide on time delivery of projects
  • To work within our client's budget

We can assist with live conversation translation through online video conferencing as well. Our extensive experience helps you to find the best solution to satisfy the requirements of the concerned authority.

Interpretation Services

CHL provides interpretation services in Hindi and English helping individuals communicate effectively for International Trade & Events, Hospital and health services, court or whatever may be your personal circumstances.

We also provide simultaneous conference interpreting service.

Website Localization Services

Website Localization is not merely translating the contents to the target language but transform the look and feel of the website to the local custom and audience without compromising the brand identity.

CHL helps you with your website localization carefully transforming the website without overlooking any possible awkward mistakes while translating the contents.

Learn and Understand Sanskrit

The oldest language in the world, Sanskrit, is also being taught at CHL. If you are interested to learn Sanskrit and know its roots and meanings, do get in touch with us.

Private lessons

Recommended for students who prefer:
  • icon image Personalised and customised Hindi lessons tailored to their needs.
  • icon image To focus on a specific aspect of their Hindi.
  • icon image Learning as a single student, rather than in a group.
  • icon image Having a flexible study schedule.
  • icon image To maximise the time spent with their Hindi teacher.

Corporate Hindi

Recommended for students who:
  • icon image Want to have more confidence speaking with colleagues in the office or at work.
  • icon image Have difficulty speaking fluently and accurately in Hindi.
  • icon image Would like to improve their vocabulary.
  • icon image Want to improve all aspects of their professional Hindi.
  • icon image Would like to respond faster at work.

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CHL is privileged to have highly qualified teachers who have considered teaching profession as their lives best passion.

Our teachers are not only highly qualified, they are very friendly, enthusiastic and engaging – always ready to spice up each lesson to give you a fun, easier way to learn a new language.

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Support your kids at all levels to excel in their studies with experienced and qualified native teachers

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We provide Hindi learning courses for both private and corporate clients covering various levels

Study Materials

Sells study materials inclined to the syllabus that the child is learning.

Online Video

This online class is for those who have time constrain and unable to travel.

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