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Ms. Sarah is knowledgable, patience and skillful. Good tutor. We are very comfortable with her teaching methodology of the Hindi Language.


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We hired Ms. Shardha teacher for only a month and she is found to be punctual and responsible. She always make sure my daughter fully understand the concept before moving on to another topic. So far, am pleased with her service.

Mr Narsima Rao

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Teacher Ms. Isha from Centre for Hindi Learning is a patient and committed tutor she is always punctual and helpful, under her my son's hindi results have improved in 3 months from failing to getting B3 for SA1 . Very pleased with the services.

Mdm. Renuka Roy

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The teacher at CHL assigned to my children is both professional and caring. She is also patient with them when it comes to keeping the language understood. My children have improved in their scores drastically. Thank you Sarah.

Mr Pravin Kumar

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I am happy that I found a professional and dedicated teacher, to tutor my daughter who has been finding the Hindi language a burden and challenging. She now enjoys the subject and looks forward to Hindi classes. She also scored 98 in her hindi paper. Thanks to CHL.

Mrs Sheena Kumar

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Ms. Sarah is an outstanding tutor, she made her own assessment booklet and an excellent tutor. She is very committed and plans well ahead. she is also very patient as my son is not easy to be tught. Under her, for less than 2 months, my son improves his SA1. My son, now in P3, pass his Mother Tongue when he never pass any subjects when he were in P1 and P2. My son looks up to her and listens to her, thank goodness for that. I think it is because she is sincere to see my son excel in his studies. Greatly appreciate.

Ms. Shobha Nair

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